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Gold Metallic Burner

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Whatever your style, this Metallic Gold Burner is sure to stand out in any space! Whether you are looking to get cozy for Christmas or just want a new burner to add some luxury to your home, this Metallic Gold Burner will fit perfectly!

Product features:

Material: Ceramic
Suitable for use with wax melts and oils
Candle not included

How to use

1. Trim the wick. Every. Single. Time.

2. To prevent fires & injury never leave a burning candle unattended.

3. Let the wax melt all the way across. For AT LEAST 2 hours.

4. Always burn candles out of reach from children, pets and draughts.

5. Only burn your candle for 4 hours at a time. No longer, sorry.

6. Always leave at least 10cm between lit candles.

7. Dip your wicks to extinguish the flame instead of blowing the candle out.

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